Surf EVDO Via the Samsung i730 - Secret H/\x0r TR1Kz

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Although Verizon says it's bad form to share anything with anything or anybody, it's possible to pair your i730 with a Bluetooth compatible laptop or USB cable for sweet EVDO browsing speeds. DavesiPaq has the skinny on how to hack through the multiple layers of security that the crack security team at Verizon HQ, hunkered down in their fortress deep in the mountains of New Jersey, applied to this lovely smartphone. An excerpt from the detail, hour-long instructions:

Set the username to: and your password to: vzw and your dialup number to: #777

Dude? VZW? Why not 1234?

Surf on your laptop using the i-730 [DavesiPaq]

UPDATE - Big uproar over at DavesiPaq about this story...