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Surfing a Massive 90-Foot Wave to Claim the World Record

Apparently born without a sense of fear, Garrett McNamara just broke the world record for Largest Wave Surfed by successfully navigating this 90-foot wall of watery death. The previous record—77 feet—was set by Mike Parsons in 2008. Sorry Mike.


Can we just take a moment and marvel at the fact that we have gear that can actually record this kind of insane deed—and easily! Those shots from the nose of the surfboard would have been a pipe dream just ten years ago, and now they're practically expected. Guessing McNamara used a GoPro, but if you have any better info, let us know in the gnarly comments brah. [Nick Bilton]

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*starts with admission he knows nothing about surfing*

Seems like it's one of those things where bigger is actually easier(being lucky enough to find such a wave not withstanding).

A small wave will be moving much faster and be harder to stay in, while the massive wave kinda rolls along lumberingly. Or am I missing something?