Surround Yourself With 360 Degrees of Kittens

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San Francisco’s Kit Tea is the city’s first cat cafe, where patrons can hang out with (and adopt) the 10 to 15 felines milling around inside. A regular hour-long visit usually runs about $20, but now you can spend twice that time inside for free, thanks to this 360-degree video made by Everything is Film. The video also claims to be “the biggest cat video in the world,” with a whopping 1 trillion pixels.

Sure, the tactile element is lost (we’re working on it) but it’s great news for people like me who A) don’t live in San Francisco and B) are very much allergic to cats. Can I also say that, for all their charm, cats offer a pretty limited palette of napping, eating, remaining motionless for hours on end, and silent judgement—which makes parts of this video somewhat less interesting than say, a 360-degree video of puppies doing their thing.

That said, the video does contain all the hallmarks of cat ownership: belly scratches, laser pointer shenanigans, and of course, catfights.


[The Catquarium]

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