Suunto X10 GPS Watch is Basically Perfect for Tomb Raiding

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Suunto has just added to its range of GPS watches with the new X10, but this gizmo doesn't just do navigation and time-telling. It's also got an altimeter function, barometer, digital compass and thermometer: Exactly the sort of equipment any self-respecting real tomb raider would find darn useful.Even better, the X10 has an improved GPS reception for tracking in difficult locations, like under heavy foliage in the rainforest. It's also got a track-back function so you can retrace your steps if you're lost, and 33% more battery life than the previous X9i generation. It also live-records routes and waypoints, so you can pinpoint on your PC later where that ancient undiscovered ruined temple really was, and it charges/connects over USB. Available in two colors in September, though there's no info on price. [Navigadget]


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This would be a coolassmothaflippin watch if it works well. I'll be all over it if it is, but me so very skeptical. Most (all?) of these smaller form factor GPSs haves hitty tracking (especially in trees) and poor battery life (even x 1.33). Relying on electronic watch compasses for route finding on four different watches have gotten me lost multiple times. Thermometer will only give you a good reading if you leave it off your wrist for ~15 minutes. Bitchbitchbitch.

Barometric altimeter and pressure trending are super useful for climbing, but I think a lot of watches already in the market have really nailed this one.

Cool idea for a device in theory, but I feel will likely be unreliable for outdoor use. I just don't think we're there yet.

>I would really want this watch, but I like the Pathfinder series more, they have a lower profile

- Agreed most altimeter watches are freakishly huge and look rather malignant on the wrist. For one with sweet profile/size, check out the Suunto Observer. Also, while I'm happy to sport an outie, there are not any good altimeter watch sizes for the ladies. I think there's a market for smaller alt watches. Finally, sorry but the Pathfinder is ... remarkably ugly ... there, I said it! No respectable outdoorsman would be caught dead trying to wrestle a grizzly bear with a watch like that ... a Koala, maybe.

>Don't really see what this has over the Garmin ForeRunner 405, which is already available....

- barometric altimeter

- 'lectric compass

- thermometre