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Sweet Video Shows Sub-Zero Surfing with Rip Curl H-Bomb Power-Heated Wetsuit

Rip Curl wetsuits may keep surfers warm in general, but nobody recommended hitting the waves in 20 degree weather, with wind chill factor bringing it down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Not until the arrival of the H-Bomb power-heated wetsuit, that is. All we know about this unreleased product is that it uses "fibre-heating elements, which conduct electricity that generate heat and warm the blood." This video was shot last winter, when Floridian Adam Wickwire and Hawaiian Elise Garrigue went product testing in the "icy, unexplored oceans of the Arctic Circle." [Rip Curl] Thanks, Matt!


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This looks good for the Manitoba winters. Might have to pick one up from the walks to work, and so I can skateboard in -40 without a parka...