Switch Applications and Play Games With Scythe's USB Foot Switch

Illustration for article titled Switch Applications and Play Games With Scythes USB Foot Switch

Unlike Thanko's USB footswitch, Scythe's actually looks the business. If the business is a guitar foot pedal. Or a sewing machine foot pedal. Whatever you decide it looks like, it can be configured to perform all sorts of commands.


It'd be particularly useful in gaming, with the footswitch available in one, two or three-button options. The choice is all yours. All you need is a machine running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7, and according to Scythe, under one million stamps of a foot (before it wears out, presumably). [Scythe via SlashGear]

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I already have pedals for flight sims, I have no use for this. but I will want it anyway.