Switch to Sprint, Support Planned Parenthood, and Skip on the Fee

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If you're looking to ditch your current cell carrier in favor of Sprint and are also a fan of reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood has a great deal for you.

Planned Parenthood Wireless is a new choice for your cell phone service. By signing up for this service, you will help preserve reproductive rights, and ensure access to comprehensive family planning and medically accurate sex education for women and families around the world. You'll do something you do every day - talk on your cell phone - and you'll be helping Planned Parenthood as 10% of all monthly charges goes to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, at no extra cost to you.


The best part? After three months, they'll refund your early termination fee, up to $175, making giving the one-fingered salute to Verizon totally painless to you.

Planned Parenthood: supporting early terminations by refunding early termination fees. Now that's marketing!

Product Page [via Consumerist]


I work for Working Assets Wireless. And we're extremely excited about these partnerships.

For the record, we handle all our own customer care. When you call up, or really whenever, you only ever speak and deal with Working Assets folks.

And we're friendly :-)

I really enjoy reading Gizmodo. Was psyched to see this on here.

To plug us, we have competitive phone,rates, coverage, etc. And since 1985, we've given over $50 million to progressive organizations that support human rights, education, peace, economic justice, and the environment.

If you're a customer of Working Assets, you can even nominate and vote on the groups that receive the funding. So.....sign up :-)