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Swype, the sliding keyboard that dramatically speeds up typing on Android, just got a little more clever. As well as offering a more fluid typing experience, it now crowd-sources your autocorrections—which should (hopefully) make for fewer embarrassing mistakes.


The new feature, called Living Language, essentially crowd-sources its dictionaries. Opt-in, and you join a population which is having its typing habits analyzed. That should mean, for instance, that your phone automatically recognizes words which are trending globally but wouldn't otherwise appear in your local dictionary—think YOLO, or one of the hundreds of other new terms that spring up every week.

There's also an extra auotcorrect trick up Swype's sleeve. The latest edition will also flag up words that it thinks you may've typed by accident: not spelling mistakes, but words that it thinks you might want to change. (Go on, use your imagination.) The feature is supposed to learn as you type—but it remains to be seen whether it spells the end for Damn You Autocorrect. [Swype via Verge]

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