Syfy Channel Getting A Cooking Show?

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The newly renamed Syfy Channel uses "Imagine Greater" as its slogan, but one source claims it'll be launching a cooking show and a talk show, in an attempt to imagine a broader audience.


We heard from a source who's had meetings with Syfy execs recently, in which they said they were trying to get away from the "genre stereotype" of science fiction. And rather than being interested in developing new science fiction programs, the execs allegedly said they were looking at developing a cooking show and a talk show for the newly renamed network.

So is there any truth to this? Will you soon be seeing a new version of Space Ghost or some kind of cyborg Iron Chef? We asked Syfy, but the company can't comment on programming in development that hasn't been announced yet. But Mark Stern, Syfy's Executive Vice President for Original Content, did have this to say:

In regards to reality, we're developing all sorts of ideas, and there is an opportunity to push the envelope a bit with the new brand; to see where "Imagine Greater" might take us. That said, as with our scripted programming, anything we do needs to fit within a speculative genre, and the idea that we're celebrating the imagination. So, if we were to do a "cooking show", it definitely wouldn't be a normal, conventional cooking show.

So reading between the lines, it does sound as though Syfy is "developing all sorts of ideas" for reality TV, which makes sense given that Ghost Hunters has been such a hit for the channel. But a cooking show that celebrates the imagination?



Tonight on Syfy: "I Can Cook You With My Brain" hosted by River Tam, brought to you by "To Serve Man" cooking supplies.