Syfy's Chucky Series Is Officially on the Way

Chucky, the cutest evil doll.
Chucky, the cutest evil doll.
Image: Universal Pictures

Last year, we got news that, aside from the Child’s Play reboot, another updated take on the Chucky mythos might be on the way. And this weekend, at the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour, it was confirmed. Make room in your heart for more haunted puppet shenanigans, ‘cause Chucky’s back.


As shared by the Hollywood Reporter, Syfy has given a straight-to-series order for the series, which is to be helmed by Don Mancini, the original series creator. Mancini will be doing a lot for the show: executive producing, writing, showrunning, and directing the pilot episode. According to THR, the show will follow a pretty regular Chucky plotline: a series of mysterious murders tied to a vintage doll that showed up at a local yard sale, chaos ensues, Chucky’s evil murder-y past comes back to haunt him. A bad time is had by all.

One wonders, though: will this series be in continuity with the outlandish, bizarre Chucky world Mancini and his collaborators have built over several films? It’s one of the longest-running, most mesmerizing B-horror franchises around at this point. It’d be a shame to leave that wild continuity behind, and it’d be a blast to see what something like Ash vs. Evil Dead’s treatment of its source material looks like in the Chucky-verse.

We’ll find out pretty soon, I have to imagine, as the show should be going into production soon. David Kirschner (Hocus Pocus) and Nick Antosca (Channel Zero) will executive produce.

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Gary Fisher's Lolling Tongue

Chucky and Tiffany were both in human bodies at the end of the last movie, so they'll have some 'splainin to do if it's in continuity.