Symbian Is Dead

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In a branding equivalent of quietly dumping a corpse off a pier in the middle of the night, Nokia is retiring the Symbian moniker for good. Except it's not dead—now it's just called Nokia Belle. Belle! Ha! Ha.


Unlike the moment when ATI ceased to be a thing, I doubt anyone will shed a nostalgic tear for Symbian. It was always an awful, putrid piece of phone software, an anchor that dragged Nokia off-course and out of favor. Let's just pretend it never happened and be glad Nokia's holding hands with Windows Phone. Belle—hahaha. See you in heck. [Nokia via Engadget]



The Sony-Ericsson P800, P900, and P910 were on track to become what the iPhone is, but I think the line wasn't marketed properly. I was surfing the internet on a full touchscreen well before the iPhone release. Symbian wasn't difficult to use, but it had apps and if not for company and marketing decisions, I imagine that line of phones could have easily become more popular. I don't think that Symbian is what kept them out of the running, but rather the $900 price tag.