T-Mobile Becomes the Newest Carrier to Offer a No-Contract Plan

Becoming the newest major carrier to enter the contract-free game, T-Mobile USA just announced GoSmart Mobile, its new brand boasting no annual contract with the hopes of appealing to the more shallow-pocketed of users.

Keeping in line with other no-contract suppliers, T-Mobile's offerings will begin at $30 a month for unlimited talk and text; adding data into the mix, though, only tacks on additional $5. Customers will have the choice of buying a SIM kit to use with their existing phone or one of GoSmart's low-priced (and likely highly limited) devices.


But T-Mobile's move to add no-contract doesn't really come as a surprise—the number of mobile users not on an annual contract should hit around 80 million by the end of the year. This portion of users is still in no way a majority, but it will be interesting to see how mobile plan offerings change as more and more users begin shying away from binding, annual contracts. [GoSmart Mobile]

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