Illustration for article titled T-Mobile G1 Getting Cupcake OS Update, May Be Targeted For Late January

Rumors about when/if the "cupcake" OS update might be heading for the G1 got a little more confirmation today as Google and Blog discovered after speaking with a G1 PDA Specialist.


According to the rep, the update (dubbed RC31) is, in fact, coming to the T-Mobile G1 with an end of January target for release. Furthermore, the update "will be done in stages “Over The Air” but it will be by region, not when you purchased the G1."


Interestingly, the rep also noted that T-Mobile has a battery improvement program for the G1 in the works, which should come as a relief to the throngs of customers who have been disgusted and appalled at the now infamous lack of battery life. [Google and Blog Thanks Luis!]

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