T-Mobile Project Dark Pricing Plans Go Live Today

According to documents procured by the folks at Fone Frenzy, T-Mobile's incredibly appealing Project Dark pricing plans begin today. Long story short, those leaked plans we brought you earlier this week are completely, totally true. Also, Catherine Zeta-Jones: Updated.


The new T-Mobile Unlimited plans match Sprint's all-you-can eat $99 deal with its unlimited $99 voice/text/voice plan (as seen in the image, with discounted handsets). Update: The $79 price point comes into play with regular priced handsets, two-year agreements, as seen in T-Mobile's marketing materials:

As a fellow iPhone owner I'm with Jesus on this one. Apple, please drop this exclusivity BS in the US. I completely understand that all cell phone companies are guilty of bending over their customers with overpriced text messages and fees and the like. I really do. I accept that. It's just that I'd love to be bent over for less.

Editor's Note: Pardon the pun, but hold the phone. Fresh from the comments, Gizmodo's own Brian Lam weighs in on whether the "deal" here carries with it some not-so-hidden baggage:

No one is mentioning that you can't compare TMO's 3g network to ATT's. TMO's isn't rolled out very thoroughly and it would get crushed if more people used it.


A fair point. It's also been mentioned that deals like this one exist specifically because T-Mobile doesn't have the iPhone (again, from the comments). T-Mobile users, care to weigh in, one way or another? [Fone Frenzy]

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