Illustration for article titled T-Mobile Stops Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Sales Because of Faulty Screen

The rumor currently running around about the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic is that T-Mobile has recalled it. That's not quite true. It's stopping sales of the phone because a "defective component" is causing the LED in some units to go blank. If you've bought one and it's going all seizure-y on you, you gotta take it back to the T-Mobile store to "discuss available options."

T-Mobile has temporarily discontinued sales of the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic to address a defective component in some units that may cause the LED display to go blank. Although we believe the issue to be limited to a very small percentage of devices, T-Mobile and Nokia are committed to providing the best customer experience, which is why we are temporarily suspending sales of the device until Nokia has resolved the issue. If a customer has purchased a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic and is experiencing issues with their device, they should contact T-Mobile Customer Care or visit a T-Mobile retail store, to discuss available options.



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