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Last month mocoNews revealed that T-Mobile was gearing up to launch an open app development program that would be similar to the one created by Apple. Initially, the plan was to have Android and the Sidekick on board, but since then the plans appear to have changed. MocoNews now reports that T-Mobile reps have informed them that the program will focus initially on basic programs. No Android, no Sidekick, no API access and free apps will not be allowed to feature advertising to help with costs. T-Mo notes that scaling back will help keep things manageable while offering an opportunity for developers to learn. However, the plan is to open up over time: Android and Sidekick would be available, advertising will be allowed as will access to deeper hardware and software features. Still, many developers will undoubedly view this as an overly cautious approach that won't help it gain any ground on Apple in the foreseeable future. It may not be much, but rumor has it that the T-Mobile app store will go live with Java, RIM and Windows Mobile by the end of the year. [mocoNews via Electronista]


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