T-Mobile's myFaves Screenshots

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According to some T-Mobile leak on the Pinstack forums, their upcoming myFaves plan that allows you to make unlimited calls to five numbers for free, is going to launch sometime very early next week. They've also got the screenshots of how myFaves is going to look on a phone's UI—in this case, the BlackBerry Pearl.

It looks from the screenshots that you can choose icons or pictures for each one of the five, and customize their ringtones from a separate UI screen.


Although this plan is more service-side dependent, T-Mobile seems to be branding phones with some sort of "myFaves enabled" icon, which is the logo we were confused about before.


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First Look: ScreenShots From TMobile "My Faves" [Pinstack]

Single Rate Plane:"With MyFAV 5"
$39.99 300 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$49.99 600 MIN Unlimited N/w (MyFav)
$59.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$69.99 1500 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

Family Plans are as the following (MyFav)
$69.99 700 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$79.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$109.99 2000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$139.99 3000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

On the family plans, if you don't want the MyFav Minues $10.00 from the above prices "NOTE on the above family plans T-mobile took off M2M, If you want MyFav and Mobile 2 Mobile add $10.00 to the adove plans"

NOTE: On the MyFav plans Each line get's there one set of 5 numbers
Example 5 Line on the Family plan (25 MYFav Numbers)

Numbers can be changed once per month.