T-Mobile's Next Perk Could Mean Unlimited Netflix

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According to reliable leaker @evleaks, the big announcement at T-Mobile’s Un-carrier X event on Nov. 10 could be unlimited video streaming that doesn’t cut into your monthly data. This means Netflix and chill could go mobile.


What Blass is proposing sounds like T-Mobile’s Music Freedom—in which music streamed from select sites like Spotify and Google Music doesn’t count against your monthly data allocation—only this time for video.

Video freedom, or as Blass imagines it, “BingeOn,” would make a lot of sense. T-Mobile seems confident that their selective music streams don’t violate net neutrality rules, and video is the natural next choice. Streaming media is more popular than ever, but is limited on mobile devices by pesky data plans. If a video freedom program is indeed Uncarrier X’s big announcement, it would be a considerable feather in T-Mobile’s cap, and continue the ascent of the No. 3 U.S. carrier.

On the flipside, it would seem counter intuitive to any carrier to make video streaming on the most popular apps unlimited, considering streaming on the go must generate a generous amount revenue, but T-Mobile has been known to do things at the detriment to its bottom line.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is keeping his secrets until the November 10 event. But in a playful exchange with Blass, he doesn’t deny the rumors, and seems to relish them.


So does this mean Blass is right? And if he’s off the mark, what’ll Uncarrier X announce that can top the now high-flying, endless streaming expectations?

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Montana Matt

I know we all love this, but isn’t this the definition of a net neutrality violation?