T-Mobile's US Phone Plan Is Expanding Coverage to Canada and Mexico

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When T-Mobile started this whole Uncarrier thing, it began with the introduction of a Simple Choice phone plan, meaning free international data and texting when you signed. Almost two years later, T-Mobile is upgrading that original phone plan by expanding coverage to Mexico and Canada.


It’s called “Mobile Without Borders” and this is how it works: When you cross the border, whether north or south, your phone will work just like it does back in the states. That means calling, texting, and data, but also all the other T-Mobile Uncarrier stuff they’ve introduced over the past two years, will work in those countries. T-Mobile’s partnered with the carriers in Mexico and Canada. When you travel to those countries, your smartphone will say another carrier (since T-Mobile has no coverage in those countries) but you’ll accrue no extra charges and will use those carriers’ fastest speeds available, according to CEO John Legere.

But even if you’re not a big traveler, making calls into those countries are now absolutely free as well. So basically, it’s no longer a US plan but a North America plan for free.


Trying to solve the archaic headache of international travel and smartphone use is slowly being addressed in other parts of the world, especially the European Union which is trying to remove roaming charges while traveling within the union by mid-2017. T-Mobile’s efforts are similar, just on the other side of the Atlantic.

The new service will start next Wednesday, July 15.

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When transferring your phone number to another company, does the area code matter ? With a plan like this, I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just get a plan in the US, instead of one our crappy/expensive Quebec plans.