Tag Heuer Headset Constantly Whipsers 'You're So Rich' Into Your Ear

Illustration for article titled Tag Heuer Headset Constantly Whipsers Youre So Rich Into Your Ear

This Tag Heuer Bluetooth headset isn't quite as gorgeous as the company's watches, but it's still unlike anything else on the market.

The light, 40g headset snaps in/out of what is essentially a combination flash drive/USB charger. Rather than just offering a charging cable or dock, this design allows you to carry all that stuff in one sleek pack that doesn't even use cords. (A bulky stick of gum comes to mind.) Then again, since the device is from luxury brand Tag Heuer, you'd better really, really hate cords...and really, really love gum...to ever justify buying it. [Le Journal du Geek via Newlaunches]

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Kinda looks like a little Transformer with the TAG Heuer symbol and the converting and all....