This Rare Footage of the Beauty and the Beast Stars Singing 'Be Our Guest' Has Made Our Day

“Be... our... guest...” Now that you’ve got one of Disney’s all-time best movie songs stuck in your head, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this rare behind-the-scenes footage of Angela Lansbury and the late Jerry Orbach recording “Be Our Guest” for the original animated version of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast Deleted Scene Reveals One Very Unlucky Servant Got Turned Into a Toilet

There’s a lot of unfortunate, understated horror in the curse put upon the household staff in Beauty and the Beast, dooming them to live out part of their lives not as humans, but everyday objects. But please, save your pity not for Chip, or Lumiere, or Cogsworth—save it for the poor guy who got turned into the toilet.

Sorry, Emma Watson, But Beauty and the Beast 2 Should Be About Belle Getting Guillotined in the French Revolution

The live-action Beauty and the Beast movie has made over $1-billion, meaning a sequel is probably a near-guarantee. Disney probably won’t use their direct-to-video animated movie sequels (e.g. Enchanted Christmas or Magical World) as templates. Luckily, Emma Watson has a sequel idea of her own— unfortunately, it…

12-Year-Old's Beauty and the Beast Short Is the Gaston Prequel We've Been Waiting For

The original Beauty and the Beast never really explored Gaston and LeFou’s joint backstory. They were best buddies, and that was all you really needed to know. While the live-action remake dove a little more into their past, there’s still a lot to explore. As io9 has pointed out, we need a Gaston prequel in our lives.…

The Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Is Fine, But Also Completely Unnecessary

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast isn’t bad. How could it be? It’s basically a remake of one of the greatest animated movies of all time. It’s when it tries to be different that it stumbles, and those problems drag down the good parts where it gets hard to overlook its flaws, making you wonder if you should…

There's Actually a Reason to Like Gaston in the New Beauty and the Beast

In the original Beauty and the Beast, the reason everyone loves Gaston is basically because he’s “hot.” (I put that in quotes because a real-life person with those proportions would be TERRIFYING.) But Luke Evans says there’s more to the good-looking villain in the new live-action adaptation than what was on screen in…

In the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast, Disney Will Have Its First Out Gay Character

There’s always been a noticeable lack of unambiguously gay characters in Disney movies, even as the company has moved towards greater diversity in its famous princess characters. That lack is the reason for things like “Give Elsa a Girlfriend.” So, finally, Disney will have a gay character in Josh Gad’s LeFou.