Hot Toys' Spectacular 'Homemade' Spider-Man: Homecoming Figure, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's new weekly series gathering the latest and shiniest pop culture toys and merchandise around. This week: a very fancy take on Peter Parker’s low-rent Spider-Man: Homecoming look, a giant Optimus Prime, and a fully armed and operational battle teapot. Let’s take a look!

The Obscenely Complex Way the Rebels Stole the Death Star Plans in the Original Star Wars Expanded Universe

Rogue One is hitting theaters, and with its release, we now have an “official” answer to how Princess Leia received the plans to the Death Star in A New Hope. In years past, however, when the old Expanded Universe flourished, there was another explanation... and it’s more complex and ludicrous than you could possibly…