John Carpenter Hits the Streets for His New Music Video Tribute to Stephen King's Christine

As horror and scifi fans well know, John Carpenter isn’t just the director of genre classics like Halloween and Escape from New York—he’s also a killer musician who has created some of the most memorable movie scores ever. With that in mind, he’s shot a brand-new video for his theme to 1983's Christine.

Big Trouble in Little China's Hero Returns to Fight a Hellish New Foe in Old Man Jack 

We’ll never need a big-screen sequel or (PLEASE NO) reboot of Big Trouble in Little China, because John Carpenter’s goofy cult comedy is the perfect self-contained cinematic experience. But we welcome all non-movie works that celebrate the film’s characters and mythology—like the upcoming board game, and brand-new…

The Defenders Teases a Major Connection Between Its Big Villain and the Heroes

Samuel L. Jackson says he’s not in any of the upcoming Marvel movies... including Captain Marvel. Godzilla: King of the Monsters will have one cool throwback to the original 1954 movie. A Community star might be headlining the Russo’s Quantum and Woody TV show. Plus, new Inhumans footage. Spoilers now!

Stare Into the Dark Heart of The Thing With This Coldly Beautiful Blu-Ray Artwork

Arrow Video’s 4K Blu-ray restoration of John Carpenter’s The Thing isn’t out until October, but the cover art is here, and it’s perfect. It features the iconic, fur-trimmed parka seen on the film’s poster, but instead of a blinding beam of light, its hood reveals a stylized depiction of the movie’s Antarctic setting.

The Trailer for Big Trouble in Little China: The Game Has Us Even More Excited to Start Playing It

Big Trouble in Little China is one of the most beloved cult movies of all time, and a tabletop game is the perfect extension of its crazy world of magic, monsters, and Kurt Russell. We’ve been pumped about Big Trouble in Little China: The Game for nearly a year, and we’re very excited to debut the official game…