All the Incredible New Comic Series to Cozy Up With This Fall 

We’re so close to being free from the sweltering heat of summer. Fall is nearly upon us, with its orange leaves, cool breeze, and the saintly scent of petrichor in the air. We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure it’s scientific fact that these are the perfect conditions to read a ton of new comics in. Good thing…

Soon You'll Be Able to Read Comics on Your Nintendo Switch

Everyone wants everything to come to the Switch, Nintendo’s beloved portable-hybrid console that’s spent the past year evolving from “that machine you can play Breath of the Wild on” to “No wait let me play everything on this! Including Grandia II!” But now, surprisingly, it’s also becoming a platform to read comics…

The Heroes of the Valiant Universe Clash in This First Look Inside Harbinger Wars 2

Superheroes love getting into dust-ups with each other almost as much as they love getting into them with villains. This summer, the Valiant Comics universe will be no different with Matt Kindt, Eric Heisserer, and Tomás Giorello’s Harbinger Wars 2—and we’ve got a look inside the issue that kicks it all off.

Valiant's Secret Weapons Proves That Having Weird Superpowers Is Better Than Being Normal

Unlike most of Marvel’s mutants who manifest their superpowers naturally during puberty, the “psiots” of Valiant’s comics must undergo a dangerous, experimental procedure that’s has more likely to kill them than turn them into superbeings. What’s more, even if the process works, there’s no telling what power they’ll…

All the Most Spectacular New Comics Coming in 2018 

A new year is upon us, filled with new opportunities and new hopes... and lots of new comics for you read instead of fulfilling those new opportunities and hopes. Unless they were “read more comics,” because boy howdy, do we have some new series we’re looking forward to in the first few months of the year to show you!

The Many, Many, Many New Comic Book Series Coming This Fall

Let’s be real: Comics are kind of a year-round thing. But you know what fall has that the rest of those lousy seasons don’t? Perfect comic book reading weather. So it’s a good thing that there’s tons of new comics on the way! Here’s our picks of the wonderful new books you’ll want to get cozy with in the coming months.

The Most Spectacular New Comics You Should Stay Inside and Read This Summer

There’s nothing like reading a good comic or 16 on a warm summer’s day. I mean, why do all that stuff like going outside when there are so many good new comics series coming out? Beat the heat over the summer with a few of our recommendations for all the new series you should check out in the next few months.