Take a Birds-Eye Tour of Apple's Huge Spaceship Campus

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The internet is slowly being swallowed whole by an endless influx of drone videos, but sometimes they give stunning views of locations we'd never see otherwise. This time, one YouTuber strapped a GoPro Hero 3+ to a DJI Phantom 2 drone and took a peek at Apple's upcoming "Spaceship" campus.


Steve Jobs announced Apple's second campus way back in 2006. Since then, we've been teased with stunning renders of its circular design and statistics on just how massive this structure is going to be (Hint: Bigger than the Empire State Building and the Pentagon). In fact, people are so fascinated with the building that you can even take a digitally rendered exterior tour of the campus already.

The $5 billion project officially broke ground in 2013, and construction crews are wasting no time. In late April, a San Francisco news affiliate KCBS caught aerial photos of the structure assuming its circular form.


In four short months, the building is much more pronounced, and it looks like its size has not been exaggerated. That's no campus, it's a Spaceship.

Apple plans to move into its new digs in 2016. [YouTube via 9to5Mac]

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That gives a great feel for the scale of the project. However, the artistic renderings show all these beautiful mature trees surrounding the the building and in the middle. It made it look like the building was in the middle of an idyllic forest.

I wonder if Apple will go through the trouble/cost of transplanting 100s of mature trees to get that look. Or if they will just plant a bunch of small saplings. It will no doubt be quite a building, but the beautiful artistic renderings seem highly optimistic.

Of course this is Apple, so they might actually follow through with mature trees. It will be interesting to see how this goes.