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This Flyover Shows What Apple's New HQ Will Look Like From the Air

We have a pretty good idea of what Apple's forthcoming headquarters might look like, thanks to all the glimmering renderings. But the 3D visualization company Technology Integration Services Inc. just published a video of what the office will look like as you're flying over it—and it's even cooler in motion.


What can we learn from this flyover that might not have been clear from the renderings released by architect Norman Foster's office? First of all, it's freaking huge—look at the scale of nearby homes compared to the Spaceship. Also, it's much, much more than just the Spaceship, there are dozens of other buildings that make up the campus.


The apricot orchards to be planted to evoke Cupertino's agrarian history will create a veritable forest, further shrouding The Ring of Secrecy. And what look like solar panels are covering pretty much every surface, part of their flaunted sustainability plan. I especially like the little amphitheater in the center courtyard. Maybe they'll do product releases there? [TIS via 9to5mac]

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I know the shape is different but all I'm seeing is this for some reason.