Take a Quadcopter Tour of Alaska's Ice Caves Without Catching a Cold

With towering, crystalline halls of frozen water, ice caves are among the most visually arresting formations in nature. They're just a pain to explore given their often inaccessible locations and the inhospitable climate that allows for their development. But that's where the drones come in.


With the assistance of a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition on the DSLR Pros DJI Phantom, Firefight Films has produced a stunning look at some of Alaska's coolest ice caves. What's more this is reportedly the first time a UAV has been used to capture such footage. Though, with the recent NTSB ruling in favor of commercial drone flights, mind-blowing reels like this could soon become much more prevalent.


i've been over, and on some of the glaciers and ice fields around juneau… but not in any of the caves. they can be dangerous, and change from year to year.

awesome video… after i turned off the audio. which was god awful.