Take A Warm, Luxurious, Matrix Bath

Remember that viscerally disturbing scene from The Matrix when you see the liquefied human goo engulf the baby? Well, now you can bring that memory into the comfort of your own bathroom with the Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath. More than just another bubble bath, Gelecity transforms your bathwater into a lavender, jasmine and bergamot-infused gel. While not necessarily the epitome of relaxation, a gel bath holds heat for three times longer than water.

Just make sure you add the bundled dissolver before draining the tub, lest you clog the pipes with what will be the most embarrassing conversation you've ever had with a plumber. $20. [firebox via shinyshiny]


@Dude27: Who says this has any more harmful chemicals than any other bath product? Gels are usually extracted from animals (eg, fish gels).

You may be right that there's too many dubious chemicals in consumer products, but most problems come from the crap we ingest, not what we bath in. While skin cancer is always a worry, from what I understand that just about always linked to either excessive sun exposure or very nasty chemicals like benzene (which isn't used in any consumer products).