Take Better Notes, Draw Your Thoughts, and Rock Out With Your Finger

Someone told me about a study that determined that doodling enhanced your comprehension of what's going on around you. I think it's bunk, but what do I know? If you're the type of person who sketches rather than writes, we have a free app for you. We also tracked down a written-note taking app and a way to relive your rock-arena dreams in today's app deals.


iOS: SmartNotes - $5

The Notes app that comes with the iPhone won't win any awards. Upgrade to a note taking app that accepts images and voice attachments. Make your notes a multimedia extravaganza. In addition to voice and photo attachments, you can attach Google maps, and contacts from your address book. If you take a lot of notes, you should probably check it out. Dropped from $10 to $5. [AppShopper]

iOS: Draw Pad Pro - Free

I've seen some amazing sketches created on the iPad. So I know it can be done. If you're more visual than the average bear, Draw Pad HD is your note taking app. The app features 45 colors and six different pen sizes. Who knows, maybe hundreds of years from now they'll find your iPad with all your sketches and declare you a genius. Probably not, but it's nice to dream. Dropped from $2 to Free. [DealMac]


iOS: ROCK BAND Reloaded - $3

If the closest thing you get to being an actual rock star is flailing around with a plastic guitar, here's your chance to take your show on the road. ROCK BAND Reloaded is your typical tap-to-the-music game. Up to four local players can jam together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Afterwards you can all jump into your minivan and call it a tour bus. Dropped from $5 to $3. [Apps-aholic]


Android: ReLoop Loop Sequencer - $3

If you're a little jealous of your iPad-owning friends with Garage Band, don't be. The Android Market has plenty of music creating apps. If loops are your thing, ReLoop Loop Sequencer might appease your envy. In addition to the loops available in-app, users can download additional loops for free. Dropped from $6 to $3. [Apps-aholic]


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