Take Your Phone on a Jog with this Water Bottle Strap. Handy!

You can't go out on a run without your keys—or your phone, money, water, and energy gels—but carrying that stuff is annoying. The challenge gets a bit easier with the handy pocketed strap on the Runner by Clean Bottle, which attaches to a water bottle for easy access and portability.

The Runner can strap on to most running and cycling bottles, but it works best with the included Clean Bottle. That particular bottle's removable bottom lets you screw in the strap so it doesn't slip off mid-stride.


The pocket is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant enough to protect your phone from light sprinkles or spraying sweat. You can also use your phone's touchscreen while it's still in the pocket. For $30, you can get one Runner and two Clean Bottles. [Clean Bottle via Gearjunkie]

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