Takes Notes on Your iPad with Wacom's Bamboo Paper App

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Wacom, makers of those ever capable artist tablets, has released a new iPad app that turns your iPad into a digital notebook (or sketchpad). Ideally, you would use it with Wacom's Bamboo Stylus for the most pen-and-pad-like experience.

But even without the stylus, your finger is perfectly suited for writing as Wacom has built a superb app that smartly registers touch—it really does feel like ink is bleeding from your fingers (or stylus). The app gives you one 'notebook' to write or draw in with an option of three page types, three pen widths, six ink colors and a slew of undo options. You can pan around in the app, save a 'page' to your camera roll or even print it out. Wacom's Bamboo Paper isn't meant for drawing or serious sketching (like Sketchbook Pro) but rather for taking down notes (like Penultimate). The app is free until June 30. [iTunes via Macworld]