Taking Photos From Inside Fighter Jets Is the Coolest Job Ever

For all the boring photography jobs out there—weddings, corporate, et cetera—Sergeant Larry Reid Jr. did pretty well to avoid them all and land one of the most thrilling jobs imaginable. He is the photographer for the Air Force Thunderbirds. His job is to fly with the team and document their amazing flights.


In this video by Jaron Schneider, Sergeant Reid talks about the excitement and challenges of shooting from a cockpit cruising through the air at 500 mph. The task is unlike any other you might encounter with a camera. For one thing, the G forces increase the effective weight of his gear, making it a much more physically demanding job. That's insane.

The video may not make you feel better about your days taking school portraits of bratty teenagers, but it will at least give you a look at some of the crazy places photography can take you. [Fstoppers]


Flying the fighter jet would likely be the coolest job.