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Talking Urinal Cakes Discourage Drunks, Deliver Urgent Messages

Illustration for article titled Talking Urinal Cakes Discourage Drunks, Deliver Urgent Messages

It's the perfect place to reach those who are spiraling down that path to drunkenness: a urinal, where guys who are merely renting beer are returning its effervescent byproducts whence they came. The weird thing is, this urinal cake actually talks. As soon as it senses motion, a disembodied voiceover babe talks to your penis thusly:

"Hey there, big guy. Having a few drinks? It's time to call a cab or ask a sober friend for a ride home."


Good message, but what an odd medium to deliver it! Captive audience, indeed. But we see all this urinal-based nagging as a slippery slope. Next, these little piss catchers will be singing us beer jingles.

DWI message finds home in urinal [Free Newmexican, via CrunchGear]


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I think a more efficient and cost effective approach would be doing something I saw in a bar in DC the other day.

A motion sensing poster on the wall (the kind where the bar rents out ad space). This particular ad was for Ricky Bobby, and it was a little creepy, especially when you aren't expecting it.

I just can't imagine it being very cost effective to be putting all of this technology into something that is designed to be disposable. I mean, urinal cakes literally melt away, so is there somebody that has to take the remains of the old urinal cake and replace it with the new one?

Not very fun.