Tarantulas Shown on 3DTVs to Cure Arachnophobia Just Seems Plain Evil

Apologies if you suffer from arachnophobia, and did not expect a picture of a tarantula to ever appear on Gizmodo. Sky seemingly thinks the only way to cure a fear of spiders is to show them some—in 3DTV.

It's largely a PR stunt designed to drum up some interest in the impending launch of Sky's 3DTV service in the UK, but if anyone happens to be visiting the BugWorld Experience exhibition in Liverpool before September 5th they can try out the 3D therapy.


Showing people their worst fear has been proven to work in some cases (similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and that's Sky's reckoning with this stunt—which you can see below. Not in 3D, obviously. For that, you'd have to fly to the UK. And get some proper therapy after viewing the creepy crawlies. [TechRadar]

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