Teen Sends $4800 Worth Of Text Messages, Dad Hammers Teen's Phone

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What's worse than your teen sending 10,000 text messages, mostly during school? Her sending 10,000 text messages when you have no text message plan.


Not only did all those sent and received messages (another 10,000 were received) cost the dad $4,756.25, it caused the girl's grades to drop down from A's and B's to F's. Verizon has offered to cut that down to non-absurd levels.

Then, of course, came the hammer. Because the guy's obviously rational and likes wasting even more money when he eventually has to buy his daughter another phone in the future. Good job sir! [Denver Post]

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This is why you don't pay for your teen's cell phones... or at least, only on a prepaid basis, not a "spend as much as you want, give me the bill" basis. Jesus.