Telephone Bag for the Ladies

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If we had to guess, we might wager that men outnumber women readers on Gizmodo. With that in mind, here's a kitschy telephone bag aimed at members of the fairer sex, all ten of them on here. From La Pochette, maker of other fancy purses, this day purse is shaped like a 1970s telephone. Even better, it actually works. Just plug it into any standard telephone jack, and you'll be gabbing about the day's gossip in no time at all. The handle functions as the phone's receiver and the numbers on the front, believe it or not, actually function as the phone's number pad. Telephone bags most likely to be used by high society socialites don't come cheap, so be prepared to fork over $295. The telephone bag, available in both a passionate red and a sensual black (hey, we try), will no doubt be found wrapped around hotel heiresses' arms sooner rather than later.

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