Tell Us Your Nightmare Tales of Working For a Giant Tech Company

We loved your chilling startup stories—but if there’s anything worse than startup culture, it’s a big, lumbering corporation. Come, lay down your burdens.


While startup woes are often marked by improbable business models, lack of structure, clueless management and, in the stories you shared, sex workers, drugs, and more drugs, huge companies usually have different problems. Bewildering hierarchies, bizarre HR rituals, meetings to plan more meetings, crying at your desk—these are a few of our least-favorite things about tech monoliths.

We’re sure you have experiences that have to be read to be believed. Was your employment like something out of Kafka? Did your manager rival Lumberg? Were there incomprehensible office rules? Insane workload expectations? Bureaucratic circles of hell? Or did you mostly stare at your desk while waiting for the next meeting to begin?

Tell us in the comments or email us at if you’ve got a lot to say on the subject. You have our undivided attention.


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