Ten Minutes With the Nexus One

Click to viewWe've had our hands on Google's Nexus One phone, but weren't allowed to take any pictures. This fellow, on the other hand, managed to capture his playtime in a crisp, clear video which blows away any previous blurry clips.


I think these ten minutes cover nearly the whole Nexus user interface and give a reasonable idea of what to expect when we finally get our very own gadgets to play with. Gorgeous!

Heads up: There are a few not-so-safe-for-work seconds around the two minute mark. So you might want to skip over that if the boss is near (or if you don't enjoy Californication). [via nowhereelse.frThanks, Steve!]


I'm sticking with the Snapdragon hypothesis...The HD2 uses the Snapdragon and shows a similar level of...Well...snappiness. The processor core is similar to the Cortex A8, so a 40% increase in clock (1GHz compared to most 600MHz Cortex devices) should mean about a 40% increase in performance.