Tents Should Have Had Built-in Air Mattresses Since Day One

A comfy air mattress can make roughing it feel a little less rough, although wrangling one inside a tent that's a little too small for your queen size bed can be a huge pain. And that's exactly the situation that inspired Dan Robertson to create the Aesent: a tent with a built-in air mattress on its base that's always the perfect size.

Even if an air mattress does fit inside your tent, there's still a good chance you're going to roll off it in the middle of the night. But that won't happen with the Aesent, since it's furnished with wall-to-wall air mattress comfort—there's no place to roll off and no place for stuff to get lost between cushions.


Since the six-inch inflatable mattress serves as the bottom of the tent and will be sitting on all kinds of terrain including pointy rocks, it's been designed with extra-thick vinyl to prevent punctures. And if carrying the deflated mattress is too heavy for a particular adventure, the tent itself can be zipped off and used by itself—minus all the extra comfort.

If it sounds like the perfect camping accessory for you, the Aesent can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter for $160 at the moment. Just keep in mind there's the risk of manufacturing hiccups that might delay its availability, or completely prevent it from becoming a reality. But since the Aesent is just a combination of two tried-and-true products, there's a good chance it could make your next outdoor excursion far more enjoyable. Or at the very least give you the low-key moon bounce you always dreamed of. [Kickstarter via Gizmag]

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