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Terrified, One of the Year's Scariest Films, Is Already Being Remade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Terrified is one of the best, scariest movies to come out this year. So, of course, Hollywood is going to remake it.

The film, which you can currently stream on Shudder, is about a series of hauntings that take place in a suburban neighborhood in Argentina. It was written and directed by Demián Rugna, who will return to direct a English-language remake being put together by Fox Searchlight. Guillermo del Toro is producing and a new script will be written by Sacha Gervasi. Deadline broke the news and you can read our review here.


Now, look. Remakes tend to suck. But, if you’re going to remake a killer foreign language horror movie, you honestly can’t get much better than this group of people. You bring back the original director; you have the man himself, del Toro, producing; and you add a well-established industry name like Gervasi, who wrote The Terminal for Steven Spielberg and directed HBO’s recent My Dinner with Hervé. All that bodes well for doing the original film justice.

Plus, obviously, U.S. audiences are more likely to see a movie if it’s in English and playing in theaters, rather than a subtitled film on a niche streaming service. But for more adventurous viewers, the original Terrified isn’t going anywhere—you can literally watch it right now from wherever you are by clicking this link. And you should. But trust us: Make sure the lights are on.


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