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Tessera's Wafer-size Camera Will Make Cameraphones Slimmer and Cheaper

Illustration for article titled Tesseras Wafer-size Camera Will Make Cameraphones Slimmer and Cheaper

Your cameraphone is about to shed some weight thanks to the folks at Tessera. They've created a minuscule camera that's half the size of the cameras used in today's mobiles. Dubbed the OptiML WLC, the new cam can even do auto focus and features optical zoom without any moving parts. No word on what gadgets will feature the new tech, but anything that makes them thinner is welcome in our book.


Press Release [via The Raw Feed]

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No it's not a liquid lens. Tessera bought Digital Optics who make diffractive lenses. These are basically 2D lenses so they're much thinner than a traditional refractive element.

What they've done is build a diffractive element in to a Shellcase (an Israeli company they bought) chip scale package. In the Shellcase process they laminate glass on the top and bottom of the silicon wafer, create interconnects up the side and round to the bottom and then they dice it up in to the individual chips.