Thanko iPod Box Speaker

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We can't read their website at all and therefore have no idea what they're really up to, but we here at Gizmodo are big fans of Japanese manufacturer Thanko regardless. These are, after all, the people behind such wonderful gadgets as the USB fan with card reader or USB hub, USB-powered ashtray, and Sleep In Your Clothes Desk. What would we do without them?


Their latest product, while not WTF-inducing, is still pretty unusual: a speaker made out of an iPod box. Their website has photos of speaker boxes matching the iPod Video (as seen above) and the iPod Nano, plus a blank box with an iPod Mini and then a PSP plugged in. So really the concept of this is, it's an iPod box meant to be a speaker for the iPod, but look, you can plug anything else into it! Yeah!

Initially we thought it might be a DIY kit for making the speaker yourself, but the only requirements listed are a 1/8" headphone cable, iPod, MP3 player or portable game device. This costs ¥3,980 in Japan but if you're hankering for one of your own, you might as well just buy parts at Radioshack and make it yourself.

Box Speaker [Thanko]