Thanko's MP3 Alarm Clock Provides Japanese Style Retro Wakeage

Illustration for article titled Thankos MP3 Alarm Clock Provides Japanese Style Retro Wakeage

Crazy uncle Thanko's back from looney town again, this time bringing you a gadget that's halfway sane and quite useful to boot. On the surface, this alarm clock may seem like a standard retro-styled alarm clock, but if you look deeper you'll realize it's actually an MP3 alarm clock.


The bells on top do absolutely nothing, but when the alarm sounds at the pre-set time, the clock will play back whatever MP3s you've shoved in it. You'll no doubt find great ironic morning sounds to wake up to.

Product Page [Thanko via Plastic Bamboo]

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how about the mannered voice of your own obsequious british butler? you can download some free samples from or buy the whole pack to stuff your alarm clock/mobile phone/itunes wake up playlist/whatever you use to wake up.

i'm not trying to peddle this site, i just found the samples lolacious and thought they'd fit well with this retro clock.