That Bloody Photo of Steve Bannon Is Totally Fake

Have you seen this photo of White House advisor Steve Bannon? It’s been doing the rounds on Twitter for a few days now. But it’s totally fake. Well, it’s kind of fake. It’s mostly fake. It’s... a bit fake.

Bannon is definitely in President Trump’s top-five favorite white nationalists who are currently serving in the White House. And the photo has gone viral as a particularly disgusting vision of a man who’s grotesque both inside and out. But the photo was actually altered by parody news site, The Onion. (The Onion is owned by Univision, the parent company of Gizmodo Media Group)


The photo was published to The Onion under the headline, “Nervous Steve Bannon Binge-Eats Entire Class of Interns Amid Calls For Removal.”

The original photo from Getty Images was taken by photographer Mark Wilson at the White House on April 20, 2017, and looks like this:


Do you see the difference? Some blood has been added to Bannon’s lip and shirt in The Onion’s version. It’s not much, leading to the confusion. But enough that we know it’s fake.

One more time, here’s the fake:


And here’s the real deal:


Still not seeing it? Maybe this will help...


Oh shit, now that I’ve put them side by side I can’t tell the difference. Which one is the fake? I guess we’ll never know.

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