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Gleefully disregarding the already blurry line between tech reporting and power drinking, Gordon at TrustedReviews posts a tell-all (all that he remembers, at least) narrative of his hops-sodden journey to Munich for NEC's display junket.

The brave publicists at NEC managed to focus their captive, booze-soaked journalists attention long enough to trot out a collection of their new screens, including SpectraView Reference 21, the "the world's first entirely LED backlit monitor," a 21.3-inch beauty that beer goggles could only have enhanced. Other scrawled notes on the Reference 21 that Gordon managed to decipher after he woke up in his own bed wearing lederhosen—not his—allude to a 10bit graphics port and DVI-D/DVI-I inputs. Good thing he's back in the U.K. where excessive drinking is frowned upon.


NEC Display Ferment Amongst The Beer [TrustedReview]