That Unbelievable $19 Unlimited Data/Voice/Text Plan Is Truly Unlimited

Illustration for article titled That Unbelievable $19 Unlimited Data/Voice/Text Plan Is Truly Unlimited

Republic Wireless gained some notoriety a few months back for offering a $19/month phone plan for unlimited-ish data, voice and text. The only hang up before was that Republic Wireless limited you on what unlimited truly meant. Not anymore though. Now, unlimited TRULY means unlimited. And it still only costs 19 bucks.


Previously, Republic Wireless would give you the boot from their network if a user used significantly more than 550 minutes, 150 texts, and 300 MB of data over 3G. Now? Use and abuse the unbelievable $19 phone plan as you see fit. It's no longer complicated, not deceptive at all and probably crazy to do so but Republic Wireless is eliminating all usage thresholds for voice, data and text. It's an even better plan than what the big bad boring carriers offer for "unlimited".

And it's all for only 19 bucks. I still can't believe it. [Republic Wireless via Engadget]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm surprised the big carriers allow these kinds of companies to 'rent' their towers because it sounds like they are basically allowing their competition to lure away their customers with plans like this.