The 10 Stupidest Ways To Die in a Hurricane

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Only 3,500 Americans have died in hurricanes since the 1940s thanks to improved warning and evacuation systems. If you end up one of them, you were either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or you were stupid.

But you're not alone! We found a bunch of really dumb ways people met their maker during a hurricane. Let their idiocy be a lesson.

10. Heart Attack. This is usually not your fault. But if your power goes out and you think it would be a good idea to sit in your car for A/C, then you might actually be to blame if your heart stops. That's because when the eye of a hurricane passes over, there's an extreme drop in barometric pressure. If you're in your car instead of a more protective house, that can stop your heart, especially if you have preexisting problems. STAY INSIDE.


9. Electrocution. Infrastructure gets jacked during hurricanes. Watch out for stray wires floating around in flooded rooms.

8. Panic! More people die running away from the hurricanes than because of the actual storm. Remain calm.


7. Refuse to evacuate because you don't trust authority. Just this once, you might want to trust, or you might drown.

6. Carbon monoxide poisoning. If it's really hot in the house because your power went out, don't get in your car and keep it running in the garage for the A/C. I can't believe I have to tell you this.


5. Take a canoe trip. If you do, you might win a Darwin award like these morons.

4. Go up on the roof to fix your satellite TV dish. The TV won't work because of a deadly hurricane. STAY OFF THE ROOF.


3. Throw a beachfront "Hurricane Party." Yeah, that's how they won a Darwin Award too.

2. Pretend to be relief workers so you can rob a church. God will electrocute you.


1. Go surfing. Yes, the waves are EPIC! But they are also deadly. No one will be stoked if you drown. And honestly, did you learn nothing from those canoers?

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