Groupon! Never before have you been offered so many art classes at such low, low prices. And while the site's bread and butter is often, well, bread and butter at a semi-fashionable local restaurant, one recent deal offered a whopping $12,500 discount. Too bad it's not for you.

The offer came from IT consulting firm Ajilitee, who's handing out $25,000 worth of a best practices audit or a "Cloud Opportunity Map" to the enterprise sector. Or to you, if you happen to need your cloud opportunity mapped.

So far no one's bought; it's tough being a business-to-business vendor in a consumer-driven coupon world. But I'm hoping it pays off for Ajilitee. Because the more big-ticket items find a home on Groupon, the closer I get to buying a small island at 80% off. [Groupon via FastCompany]


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