The 12 Most Horrifically Bad Dates in All of Science Fiction and Fantasy

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No matter how disastrous your Valentines Day is shaping up to be, just remember: It could be worse. Science fiction and fantasy teach us that candle light and soft music can often lead death, disembowelment or being stuck at a table with a Captain Kirk who won't pay and won't let you finish your pizza.

To remind you that love is a lie, here are the 12 worst dates from science fiction and fantasy TV and movies.

12. Night of the Creeps
So many bad dates in this movie! From the intro, with the alien attack on the make-out point, to the big formal pick up scene, featuring this classic line.


11. Jennifer's Body
Poor Goth Baby gets savagely ripped apart by the hottest cheerleader in school. But the best part isn't the fact that Megan Fox turns him into "lasagna and teeth" — but her whole horrifying seductive cooing that it was time to play house with the rats.


10. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Dinner with a lunatic who answers questions with questions, doesn't have any money, and just wants to get into your whales.

9. Groundhog Day
Phil and Rita have a lot of bad dates. But nothing is as creepy as Phil's "I wanna have kids!" freak-out in the snow. Just start spraying Mace everywhere, Rita. No one would blame you.


8. Fringe "The Man From The Other Side"
A casual weed date gets interrupted by a skinless creature who steals your body, and your high.

7. An American Werewolf in Paris
What starts out as a lovely evening with copious wine and fish shrieking turns terrible after a quick tumble in the cemetery. Not sure what's worse: Having someone turn into a werewolf while possibly inside you, or death by fountain attack.


6. True Blood "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"
Everything is weird about Bill's creepy proposal date. From picking out her clothes, to flopping around the dance floor, to springing for creepy "let's run away I'm kidnapping you" plane tickets, to the actual proposal. Which Sookie responds to as only Sookie can, by running away in tears as all people do when someone they love asks them for their heeyand in muhrarrge.

5. Star Trek Deep Space Nine "Life Support"
The Ferengi date is the worst date.


4. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
A super fun day spent rolling in the grass pretending to be lifeless robots with no human emotions or feelings leads Anakin and Amidala into a playful moment where Anakin fakes his own death riding a space cow. What a winner.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date"
Desperate to find some bit of normalcy between slayings, Buffy attempts to go on a date with Owen. Only to be interrupted by an evil prophecy, Angel, vampires and the discovery that her date is into thrill-seeking and breaking into funeral homes. It's hard out there for a slayer.

2. Back to the Future
Taking your Mom to the prom, who then puts the moves on you.

1. The Blob
Creepy date rapist gets even creepier when his dead date's breasts attack him.