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The 128GB iPad has now hit the online Apple Store. Go get it (if you really need that storage).


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Did not agree just bc i clicked

Couldn't everybody use that much storage? Many people are completely covered for their computing needs with a tablet. The big drawback has always been space. For me, I purchased a Seagate 500 gig portable HD which has a built in battery and it's own wifi signal. I bought it so that we could watch movies in our stateroom on a cruise last year, but I tend to use it anytime we are going anywhere for a day or more. I buy DVDs at target for $5, then rip them on my MBP and drop them into the seagate. It supports multiple users streaming whatever they want over the wifi, so we can each watch or listen to something different. Very convenient on a cruise, where we have a balcony stateroom. One of us could be on the balcony watching a movie while the other is in the room listening to music or watching another movie.